Hit your core from all angles. Lower your body fat %. Let your abs flourish with THE! Fire Abs System.

#FireAbsSystem F.A.Q

The #FireAbsSystem is a core workout program designed to make your abs more visible & stronger. The complete 8-week system includes precise workout templates & strict nutritional guidelines to shape and give you a strong, good looking 6 pack so you can take your shirt off at the beach.
This program will work for anybody attempting to get a visible 6 pack or an overall stronger core.
This workout program can be combined with any other workout program that does not include any core exercises. If you're looking for a complete solution that includes upper and lower body routines along with core exercises, take a look at the #SUPERSETMONSTER series instead.
No, you will need access to a gym with equipment such as dumbbells, chin up bar & cable machine if you want to do this program.



Strength x Endurance x Efficiency. The #SUPERSETMONSTER Series is designed to maximize your time in the gym while getting the absolute best out of your workout.


The #SUPERSETMONSTER series is a collection of superset based workout programs designed by Daniel Gracia. With the use of supersets, these programs have been designed to maximize your time in the gym while getting the absolute best out of your workout. Two different programs will be available: #SUPERSETMONSTER, #SUPERSETMONSTER For Women
if you're a guy looking to shred fat, gain strength and build muscle simultaneously, the #SUPERSETMONSTER program will be for you. With the use of supersets, you'll be able to increase your energy expenditure, lift more weight & look like a beast, all in a shorter period of time. The best part about this, you'll be able to burn fat without the need to step on a cardio machine EVER. The #SUPERSETMONSTER For Women is a lower body focused workout program designed grow bigger, stronger glutes, hamstrings and quads. This will be done through strength training; no cardio will be required as the intensity of the workout will be high enough to get you sweating and burn fat.
Each program has a duration of 12 weeks or 3 months.
The workout programs will require you have access to gym with strength training equipment, i.e dumbbell, barbells, cable machines, etc.
From beginners to advanced lifters. each workout programs include different exercises with progressions and regressions & you will have the ability to pick a program difficulty, depending on your fitness level. Both workout programs has a specific end goal. With that in mind, the program you choose will greatly depend on what your personal goals and will dictate the way you will train.